Buying your dream home together with all inclusive guidance

Yes! You have found your dream home! After the first viewing you are very enthusiastic and you have already furnished the house in your mind. But what now…

The best guidance
Don't get too carried away by your enthusiasm and don't worry: Start Thuis guides you through the purchasing process. We take all steps together to form the clearest possible picture of the home and the pricing. Where emotion has already taken over for you, we retain the objective view that you desperately need in this situation.

Of course we will accompany you to view your dream home, but also to:
• advise you on the value;
• request cadastral data. Perhaps there is an easement or a municipal restriction on the house;
• collect information about the location and environment;
• to assess the structural condition of the house. Where does that crack in the facade come from or do we see cracks in the stucco when the house is just new, how is that possible?
• check whether a construction report is required.

The real deal
After the viewing, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the property with you and to share our findings with you. What is the pricing like and how does it relate to the housing market? Are there possibilities to renovate or expand? If everything is clear and you are still wildly enthusiastic, we will make an offer. Negotiation is second nature to us; You can count on us going for the best price! We are known for not costing money, but rather making money; in this way you will earn back your investment in purchase guidance twice and straight!

The big day
As soon as the purchase agreement has been drawn up, Start Thuis whether it corresponds to the agreements that have been made and whether you can sign with confidence. When the big day has arrived and you go to the notary to have the house registered in your name, we are at your side during the final inspection of the house. Then it is high time to enjoy your new home carefree!

Start Thuis goes one step further
Start Thuis is part of a large expertise team and is happy to help you with advice in your search for a good mortgage advisor or appraiser. We can also help you with a move, sustainability issue or the renovation of your home.