My name is Judith Verhoeven. 

Owner Start Thuis

Small in size, big in everything. Saw the light of day in Hapert and moved to Eindhoven when she was 8 years old. Wanted to become a hairdresser as a child but turned out to be cut for the real estate profession. Flew to Florida with her hubby in 2015 to take their son Thijmen in their arms. Her glass is always half full, preferably with Chardonnay. Gets the itch to remove tartar at the dentist, but starts wagging his tail from an unexpected weekend in Ibiza. Always spray a delicious, fresh home perfume through the house prior to a viewing. Swoon away at the Virgin River series. Once said "congratulations" instead of "sorry for your loss" at a funeral. Feels on top of the world with a successful sale where buyer and seller are happy. Likes to get behind the lens to take the best shots. Spends a ridiculous amount of money on good food, drinks and socializing with friends. Can marvel at perfectly styled interiors on Pinterest. Is at her best with husband, child and dog around her; give her a vanilla Prince cookie and the person is complete.

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